The context

The work experience attained is crucial when the youth embark on the search for their first employment. Data shows that as many as 6 of 10 students in Slovenia gain their first employment with the company where they performed their student practice or student work. e-Študentski Servis has been helping the youth gain work experience for 20 years and has been instrumental in helping them transition to a career and first employment.


The digital portfolio of "My Experience" allows the members of e-Študentski Servis to prove their attained work experience to their future employees, and the #ihaveexperience communication platform allowed us to showcase their rich experience to the broader public. The communication campaign increased awareness among employers and the professional public and helped them recognize the competence of young job seekers. It also motivated the youth to leverage various work experience to make their search for first employment easier.

Real stars with real experience

In the first phase of the project, we executed an online contest to call on the youth to share with us their experience gained through student work or hobbies. We selected 6 of the best student applicants from the pool of applicants and made them the first stars of the campaign #IHAVEEXPERIENCE.

campaign production

The project was recorded and produced with a production team which managed the filming, postproduction, sound, and makeup, while the Yootree team was managing all the locations, direction, and staffing.


In addition to the project website, we conceived and produced 6 video stories, which showcased the various experience of the youth across Slovenia.

Along with the videos, we created a series of posters for the 20 offices of the company, a series of print ads, online video teasers, and content marketing materials for the website and social networks (Facebook and YouTube). We collaborated with the company W3B marketing to prepare a launch plan and paid media campaign online.

A sweepstakes campaign can also be an awesome experience

We activated the youth by designing a sweepstakes campaign which offered an additional beneficial experience: free production of a professional video CV. The website of the project was enriched by a multimedia gallery of applications in which the participants could present their competencies, and the best 4 contenders were rewarded with professionally produced CVs. Over the coming months, the #IHAVEEXPERIENCE communication platform will also open its doors to professional organizations, companies, and sponsors, who will contribute practical content and challenges to further enhance the experience of the youth, and the students will receive an opportunity to put additional work experience under their belts.

multimedia content views on
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